Monday, March 21, 2011

the right tools for the job

As I think we all know, the right tools for the job can dramatically impact the outcome. Ever so slowly, I am acquiring a few more of those right tools. I should mention now that I love the whole DIY ethos. Part and parcel of the movement for me is employing whatever you might have at your disposal, rather than adding to your tool and supply arsenal for just a project or two. Still, sometimes the substitutes we improvise fall short. Then, when you finally acquire the ideal tool for the job the skies clear, angels sing and we bask in the glory that is that new tool. However simple.

A couple of my simple tools recently improved upon are:

My Kai Dressmaker Shears

The most fabulous scissors I've ever used on fabric. Of course I have fabric scissors; a pair of my Mom's from decades back and my trusty Ginghers have served me well for at least a dozen years now. I have them sharpened periodically when the scissor man visits my local fabric store. I use a rotary cutter at least as much as my scissors. A couple weeks back I attended an annual sewing expo in the area where I tried out the Kai brand. Although I was inside at the time, I bet you the sky cleared and I think I heard singing.!! My Ginghers are now relegated to leather only.

French curves set

I have one of those styling design rulers that works somewhat like multiple rulers in one as it has a straight edge, cut out slots and a nice hip curve. It works fine. However, it's just not the same as the fine tuning that can be more easily accomplished in pattern design with a couple of french curves. I bought a basic set of 4. Don't yet know which will prove the most useful. I definitely like having the option of any of these or my combo design ruler.

I'm finishing up my second session of a pattern making class - perhaps I'll share some of blocks (slopers) later - and the curves have been a nice addition.

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