Tuesday, March 15, 2011

new earrings

Bought these earrings from Muse Glass in January and have worn them every day since.

Yesterday, I received a simple, modern, lovely pair of earrings in the mail, made by Andrea in Croatia. Andrea, a fellow Etsian, runs Mirta Jewelry (on vacation currently). The earrings are oxidized silver "twigs" and they happen to be perfect for me. I have a prominent scar from my youth on my neck. That beauty paired with glasses and earrings often feels like too much unless the earrings are just the right color. Earrings and a necklace together? Forget it!

Also yesterday,while visiting one of my very favorite blogs, BananaSaurus Rex, I got to admire the talented and witty Rebecca's sassy new do, plus a gorgeous pair of her earrings. I've wondered how people manage to take a decent self-portrait. Inspired by Rebecca I thought I might show you my pretty, pretty new earrings. Well, here's what I got:

I call this one "Make-up Please." (Kind of shout it out,
lackadaisically, as if calling to your make-up crew.)

This one is entitled "fine lines & gracefully grey"

And finally, as neither photo features the earrings well, here is a shot from Andrea's shop:

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