Thursday, March 17, 2011

skirts in the shop

I'm now listing some children's skirts in the shop. Now that 5 skirts have been given out to my kids and a classmate, I'm going to spend some time sewing up a few color combos in kids sizes small, medium & large. The girls below are wearings sizes small and medium.

A women's version of the 6-panel skirt has been finalized. And another style is still in the works. The weather has been awful for photos (I prefer outdoor settings), but perhaps that is about to change.


  1. SO cute - let me know if you need a tester for your women's skirt! :)

  2. Spectacular idea! I will be in touch soon to send you one. I may have given up on creating a one-size-fits-many version as my goal to fit a 6" waist/hip range could be a bit unrealistic. Still, I'm not ready to fully give that up.