Wednesday, March 2, 2011

skirts in the making (take II) - channeling vintage VW

from Vanfest 2009 in Malvern Wales, England. photo by Matt Cardy

The green paint of our home as a backdrop for largely green skirts didn't prove so effective - as seen in my previous post. Between hail storms this afternoon, I asked the girls to each slip on a skirt and stand on the covered bench for better skirt shots as the forecast is not pretty. Even bought a white top sheet today with a plan to set up a new photo backdrop. The deathly look of dormant plant-life is a bummer.

These shots are just a bit more effective. And my goofball models are a huge improvement. I turned their skirts around - front to back - for shot no.2. For me, this dune & forest color combo would make for a perfect two-tone VW bug. On second thought, for piling in the kids, I might go for the van.

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