Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fog Linen Work: Simple, functional, beautiful design

Often the most seemingly basic garments are the most difficult to make in that so much precision in design and construction is required. I am one who always considers an occasional idiosyncrasy - as a sign of handmade quality - a welcome feature. I am most drawn to the simple, the functional, the durable. It's the pragmatist is me. Still, I love delicate details and items made from whisper-light fabrics requiring more gentle care. Good linen ALWAYS speaks to me.

Naturally, I am consistently awed by the creations of Yumiko Sekine of Fog Linen Work. As you can see, her linen designs are gorgeous! Much as I wanted to add some linen garments (dresses/tops/skirts) for women and girls to the shop this summer, I've got to keep my priorities in check and not embark on more than I can reasonably accomplish. New garments this spring/summer will be strictly knits, although I'll have more and slightly different linen dresses for girls. As for linen women's wear... I'll make a couple of things for myself and simply swoon over the work of Yumiko Sekine.

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