Tuesday, April 5, 2011

gray days & racing stripes

a racing stripe & a ruffle for women

It's been too long without sunshine in Seattle, and the rain has led me to mostly give up on outside photos for another week. Though there's been little time to produce more skirts for kids, I have my fabrics and my plan. I've played around with women's skirts more than anticipated. Everytime I think I have one of two designs finalized I tweak it a bit. Given the dearth of time, I expect to go with a single skirt design for women this spring. And jersey knit it is - specifically my soy/organic cotton blend. It is the best stuff! My girls' skirts have shown they can take hard wearing and continue to look great.

I can offer up a couple of women's skirt shots. The colors I'm using bring to mind racing stripes. Odds are I'll be sticking with what I call a tulip shape, but I do love a pure A-line as well. In the tulip with ruffles version the raw edges are at the bottom of the ruffle. Knits of this kind are perfect for raw edges. And my other news.... I've finally got flatlocking down. I did a flatlocking stitch on the striped skirt below.


  1. LOVE! oooo I can't wait til you list them - I will snatch one up!

  2. You and another friend here in town (who just tried some on gave me a the thumbs on my favorite tulip-ish design for women) are my testers. I had planned to be ready sooner, but you know... best laid plans.