Monday, April 4, 2011

sustainability scoring

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I'm a jeans girl. Recently, I've been reading about the processes involved in achieving the look of many of the jeans available to us today. The textile worker in the above picture works sanding jeans in a factory in Guangdong, China. The blue dust seen is a heavy irritant to the lungs.

Now, some better news...
Although I expect it to be a long while before any of this effort trickles down to a scoring label on garments for consumers, I am pleased to learn of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition's effort to quantify the environmental impact of our clothing. See this New York Times article for more.

Complicated as this endeavor would seem, I am quite thrilled at the prospect of an honest (optimism here) look at the global supply chain for apparel - all of the components involved including the agriculture, the manufacturing processes, the human element. I recently shared some of my thoughts about how I, as a maker of handmade garments and such, grapple with the environmental impact of my venture. I'll keep an eye out for updates on this scoring effort. Maybe it will help us all to 'get real' about the true price we pay for fashion.

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  1. Julie, I was just reading about that myself during the week. Thank goodness there are people like you who make beautiful clothes out of natural fabrics:)