Friday, April 29, 2011

geta, gong, and other goodness

Japanese hari bako (sewing box) from the 1940's

The other day, my youngest and I managed a detour in our routine of the day to stop in at Kyoto's annual 11-day sale. They open only once a year for this short period of time in a fantastic warehouse space in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.

We lucked into a well-worn pair of geta sandals for only $10. For more than a couple of years, we have been half-heartedly in pursuit of a pair of 2 teeth (2 cleat) getas. This pair did not disappoint!

At last year's sale, I passed on a suzu bowl - aka a singing bowl - in favor of my beloved hari bako. So this year I left with a small suzu bowl. We'll need a more suitable mallet to use it than what we have, but it shouldn't be a problem to make one. These bowls remind me so much of the blessings both of my girls received as babies by buddhist monks in China. My husband and I were part of the same ceremony but it's my babies that this bowl and its singing brings to mind.

And finally, I purchase 2 Japanese wedding boxes for the girls to use to house their myriad treasures. For now, the boxes are in my closet. I think I'll await the right occasion to officially present them to the girls. My littlest says she'll keep the secret.

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