Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm just as jealous....

as The Jealous Curator is of Thomas Campbell. A self-taught painter, sculptor, photographer, film-maker. A do-er who makes things happen. That inspires me. He's pretty much an empire. One of my favorite pictures from his site is this:

a space I can relate to...although his has windows

Love this!

I keep used needles (those beyond a usable life with textiles) in
my cork board to use for stitching paper.
above photos via

Check out this interview, from last year, with Slap Magazine.

And I should share this video from Thomas's blog, for my husband. You must watch to the end.

Must mention too - the previous post from the fabulous Jealous Curator was on Julie Morstad whose work I always adore!

If you don't already follow The Jealous Curator, you are seriously missing out. It's a place I often encounter something new. Sometimes the massive world of design blogs seems far too small - just a recycling of more of the same. Thus, in my mind, something new is no small feat.

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