Friday, June 24, 2011

end-of-school whirlwind

The past weeks have been plenty full. It's always busy, but the end of the school year seems to heap on extra. Production for my late July show continues.

Some new carvings are in the works. I tend to know immediately if a carving is a keeper. Any hesitation means it's just not quite there. Love my jackrabbit but want to create it in more of a silhouette so will show you at a later date. My feather(s) block, courtesy of kids who are crafty with feathers and rightfully fascinated by them is slated for use down the line. A keeper I've just started using is my arrows carving. It's inspired by those show here and the summer camp archery of youth. I like it on pillows, towels and aprons. Cups too. Mostly inspired by Fire King mugs and my favorite Fransciscan Starburst dinnerware which is what we use daily in our home. And I have a gorgeous new deep red knit that I love for garments. Another that is a french terry knit in a super versatile moss color which I'm not going to touch until late summer.

It might be in my better interests to reign in my range of products, but I have no desire to abandon any category of goods at this time. New ideas for summer garments 2012, as well as those I simply couldn't get to for this year, taunt me. So far I'm managing to keep myself from working up prototypes. Work smart! I tell myself.

Hope you've pulled your favorite pair of cut-offs from the drawer and welcomed the more relaxed days of summers however you see fit.

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