Thursday, July 7, 2011

Edinburgh Film Fest - shorts jury prize winner

Back in the 90's, in my pre-parenting days, the Seattle International Film Festival was a pretty significant annual occurrence in my life. I would pack myself a 'care package' (most commonly freshly made soft-pretzels), carefully strategize my viewing schedule in order to maximize the number of films I could attend, and delight in sharing the experience with others, like me, who stood in line alone and came to develop a sort of kinship with each other; like-minded loners who took the festival experience as far as we could. I'm talking total escape, thus, best to attend alone. We were not, however, of the same ilk as those who abandoned work and all other commitments for the duration of the festival... just the all other commitments part. Since then, I've only attended a few films during the festival with a friend. Certainly, equally enjoyable but not the greater level of immersion of years prior.

Attending the Edinburgh International Film Festival would have been a dream. That dream has been replaced by others. And now, it's pretty much Netflix or nada. This 2 min 25 sec short film - winner of the Nokia Short Jury Prize at Edinburgh - fits perfectly into my schedule. Do take a look. It's one of 8 films, each shot exclusively on a phone, that made it into the festival. Deservedly, it took the prize.

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