Wednesday, July 13, 2011

party's over, back-to-work

We returned from the mountains of North Carolina last night after a week visiting with family. I'll post some spectacular waterfall shots if they appear spectacular in any of our shots. Now it's time to get back to work.

The big show, mentioned here, is just around in corner at the end of the month. And my new cotton canvas labels have arrived! I am very excited about them. Printed on the spool, with bound edges on 2 sides, by Preethu of Priya Creations. It's been my experience to date that all labels made from natural fibers without some sort of finished edge will fray eventually - certainly after repeated washings - regardless of the use a fray check product. These are a bit wider than I've used in the past so I can fold over and stitch at the sides.

I've got many items in various states of construction but tomorrow will focus on making hang tags, sewing on lots of labels, signage and possibly a little bit of printing if I meet tonight's goal. Then, with a little luck, I'll shift to bags.

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