Monday, October 3, 2011

all-season tank tops

I'm a huge tank top fan. Some great old jeans, a 3-quarter length cardigan, Jack Purcells and a tank top comprise my standard attire.

I have a few new tank top designs - 2 knits and 2 for woven fabrics - only sized to fit me at this point. What I usually end up with is several pieces that are not quite to my liking but I keep them, wear them and often continue to tweak them slightly over time. I'm trying to avoid darts, as the placement is so key that it's difficult to fit most women well - unless custom placed.

I prefer to make my "muslins" all in wearable fabrics. It's part impatience and part practicality.

simple tank. love this tweedy-looking light-weight linen.

gathered back tank made with a denim-looking linen.

clearly not a tank. turned the flutter cap-sleeve I had had in mind
to a slightly pouffed sleeve. Love this fall/winter weight soy/organic cotton french
terry with a bit of spandex (olive). heavy-weight linen (olive) bias neckline with
asymmetrical, contrasting (navy) stitching. Sooo comfy!


  1. Ooo, that blue looks delish. And I love the gather in the back, so flattering.

  2. Julie -- these look so flattering and comfy and hip. Beautiful!