Sunday, October 2, 2011

new art: portraiture

Much to my chagrin, blogging time is scarce. Sometimes I have a chance to post, but I haven't yet snapped the requisite photos to accompany my posts. No excuses today. I just quickly snapped a couple pix of my latest art acquisition.

I've shared here before about my love of portraiture and collecting paintings. Ruth Shively, who lives just down the way in Portland, Oregon, is definitely one of my most favorite favorites. Several weeks back I added her glorious "Russe" to my collection. This painting, on wood panel, is 14" x 20" and will soon find her home on my bedroom wall. For now she is propped in a chair where I still get to see her daily. I love art in general, but much of it feelings fleeting to me. Not so with Ruth's compositions. Russe will endure.

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