Tuesday, November 8, 2011

recently overheard...

My 5-yr-old and a 6-yr-old neighbor were recently playing. He was watching her draw for a moment. I don't know that I remember the exchange verbatim, but it went much like this:

Him: That doesn't look like a horse.

Her: Hasn't your Mom ever told you that people can draw things differently?

Him: No.

Her: Well, do you have an artistic license?

Him: No.

Her: I do. You know what that is? It means that I am the artist so I can make my drawings and things however I want. Because I am the artist.

Kuddos to you my little artist! We're going to turn this into a class project at preschool. I plan to photograph the kids and make them their own artistic or creative license. Each child will sign his/hers after taking an oath which I have yet to write, then we'll laminate them. I think it's the laminating part that makes it official.

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