Thursday, December 15, 2011

the best part of craft shows...

Certainly, selling my wares is a thrilling part of craft shows. And repeat customers with generous compliments and stories about their previous purchases feels wonderful. Just two pre-holiday shows this month - about all I can manage with other current life demands - but I am happy to be taking a little time now to step away for a short while. Much as I enjoy sharing here, 'stepping away' has included blogging time. Co-op preschool, preparing for my Brownies troop and all that comes with parenting has taken the stage until the new year.

But, back to the best part of craft shows. Meeting and becoming friends with other local artisans is a huge perk. When you spend a couple of days side-by-side, it's inevitable that you make new friends. And sometimes a little trading among artisans happens. Although I generally need to keep trades to a minimum, it is great fun.

These are just a few of the talented artisans I've been fortunate to meet - and do a few trades with this holiday season:

I met Andrea Wickham of Plumbop for the first time this summer. We showed again together this month. I love her work. Two sets of her highly functional, gorgeous felted nesting bowls now reside in our home. Andrea's vases, nesting bowl sets and bags are bea-u-ti-ful!

I had been wanting to meet Dinah Coops and see her eponymous collection of work for some time now. Earlier this month, I finally got the chance - albeit briefly. Her work is lovely, her commitment to sustainable design draws me right in and the artist herself is a pleasure.

Then there's Andrea Kohler of Nico Paper Goods and Kohler Book Binding. Her tiny hand-bound leather book necklaces are my favorite. A perfect gift for so many who come to mind, but I am not about to part with mine. Andrea was a great neighbor for two days a couple of weeks back. It was almost too bad that our booths stayed busy as talk-time had to be kept to a minimum.

Erin Miles of Erin Miles Design makes the most stunning hair accessories and her millinery work is impeccable!

this hat was particularly stunning.

Emily's herbal apothecary, Wild Season Botanicals, and her slow goods philosophy offer a much needed invitation to us all to slow down a bit. Her products are organically grown or wild-gathered (responsibly). Her wool felted soaps were immediately coveted by my daughters and are totally reusable as you can easily add a new bar of soap once the original has been used up.

It was my great pleasure to have met all of these talented, big-hearted, industrious women. Can't wait to see them again!

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  1. I SO want to do a show with you! We gotta work something out.... We'll meet halfway maybe? I saw your profile on Poppytalk today - yea! you!