Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gidigio boots: classic footwear

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Let it be known that I love shoes and boots. They are no longer anywhere near as high priority as they were in my younger days. Still, I have mentioned my affinity for Fluevogs more than once here. Fluevogs have remained my favorite for more than 20 years. I bought my most recent pair as a happy-birthday-to-me when I reached 41 just two years back.... wore that pair today and still love them just as much.

Birthday week has come around again. I bought myself a print of a Whistler etching courtesy of my in-laws and last night my parents treated me to a fabulous short, tweedy 40's style jacket while attending the spectacular Bonsoir Liliane! at Teatro ZinZanni (a 50th Anniversary surprise for Mom & Dad with some unexpected special garments in the gift shop). Then, today, I found the glorious boots.

I had been seeking Gidigio Athos boots but never expected I would end up with a pair. Aside from being fairly scarce, they are beyond my price range - upper 200's for this style. Recently, I attempted to try them on at a local shoe shop. Pretty much just to taste the fantasy. Turns out they only had one pair in a half size larger than I wear, and they were not able to locate them in the store room.

Today, I stopped back while picking up a stocking stuffer around the corner. This time, they were able to find the sole remaining pair. As expected they are about 1/2 size too large. I loved them immediately but was glad they were a tad large as there was no way I would purchase them. It would be easier to part with them this way. Here's were the birthday good fortune comes in. Every year at this time, the shoe shop has a 50% off sale on close-out items. As this was the last pair, my beautiful Athos were 50% off. I hesitated only about a minute and went for it. They feel great even if I little large. Somehow the style works just fine a bit big given the 1.5" heel (as high as I go). They remind me of a pair of well-loved oxfords I completely wore out in my 20's. The Athos is definitely a class style that I'll be able to wear forever.

the only photos I could find quickly. they certainly don't do this pair justice.

Now I'm sending out some good juju in hopes of finding a pair of John Fluevog Radio BBC or RCI boots at half off.

Fluevog pictures via Footloose Shoes.

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