Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm a cat person

Photograph by Corey Arnold via Huckberry

Now that the kids are home from school for winter holiday, our kitties are more entertained than usual. Iris trails Ernestine, a.k.a Ernie (our curmudgeonly big 'ole queen) with an old phone that she uses to play games and film all manner of subjects. Typically, Iris films Ernie walking through the house with a classic expression of cattitude on her furry little mug. The accompanying audio is generally something like, "Seriously Ernie?! Seriously?" regardless of Ernie's behavior.

Ernestine (Ernie) our curmudgeonly lover.

Lulu on my work table. Super skittish, twitchy Siamese eyes and deathly afraid of
children but always tilts her head for a forehead kiss and loves her Mama (that's me).

We are a household of cat lovers. They are such good listeners. I've always loved cats. Most animals really. Although I can appreciate dogs and did have one as a child, our lifestyle doesn't allow us to add one to our brood. Even if it did, the truth is... I am a cat person.

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