Friday, January 13, 2012

pink sky night

They say we're in for snow around here. Not the best of conditions for the photos I plan to take by the end of next week. I much prefer natural, outdoor lighting. I've been working hard on new designs which I need to photograph for an application deadline. I'm more hopeful about that today than yesterday. I might manage to finish the designs, but I could sure use a professional photo set up with good lighting, a solid white background and a female model.

I feel thankful that it's Friday. Wondering if pink skies are indicative of snow.

sunset in pink. the kind that makes everything of a light-ish hue glow pink.


  1. I'm a sucker for pictures of the sky - any snow yet?

  2. The girls began screaming with excitement over the jumbo flakes coming down late this morning while I lounged in bed. I distinctly heard "if only it was Christmas!" It's been the wet, melty kind. We'll see what tomorrow brings.