Friday, January 13, 2012

shibori play

A little bit of shibori-style dyeing going on around here. I've been hankering incorporate resist dyeing into some pieces, as mentioned here.

The other night while watching a show the girls and I rubber banded tumbled stones into a variety of my fabric staples - light to heavy weight linen, mid-weight hemp/organic cotton canvas & soy/organic cotton jersey knit. I was most eager to do some pole-wrapping with my swatches. All I had on hand was one small jar of fiber reactive dye in blue, and not enough of it for more than about 1-2 lbs. of fabric.

We ended up with some nice pieces and some I intend to over-dye. Samples and even a couple finished items below:

kumo style bound-resist with beads & stones made a for great scarf for my 5-yr-old.

arashi pole-wrapping. love the sense of movement

kumo again. headlights & shadows.

Et voila...
sized to fit my iPad with it's rubber-like cover. hemp/organic cotton, linen & leather

I heart Sam Browne buttons


  1. I've heard of shibori...beautiful art. The pole wrapping is a new-to-me method. Interesting!

  2. So beautiful! I can't wait to see MORE!

  3. It's really dreamy! But how did you manage the round shapes on pictures 1, 6 and 7? Did you clamp the fabric between round shapes like lids? What with? It's always puzzling to try and imagine what the fabric looks like pre-dying and unfolding... :-)