Sunday, January 22, 2012

the pintuck apron: a personal fave

I've not been making many pintuck aprons these days, but it's not because they have lost a special place in my heart. On the contrary, my pintuck half apron is one of my first loves when it come to versatility and an always flattering fit for myriad shapes and sizes. Feels so much like a garment to me - when paired with the right underpinnings. I have items here and there that I have never photographed. I expect to find a couple of these aprons among my piles of samples & experiments. Perhaps in the coming weeks I'll manage to get them all on film.

This particular combo of the toast linen I try to always have on hand, printed with what I think is a clever juxtaposition of whale and feather, was a special order for a local artist I met at a show back in December. She bought one and quickly asked for another. That always feels good! Finally, I've got it ready to give to her this week. Fingers crossed that she'll love it. I think she will.

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