Thursday, January 19, 2012

snow days and how we're filling them

We're pretty much snowed in in these parts. I expect another day of school closures tomorrow given the volume of snow, ice, power outages and hazards therein. At about 8:30pm last night the girls and I took a neighborhood walk. At that time, we had about 5-6" of snow covered by 1/8-1/4" of ice. You could easily punch through to the powder beneath the ice. Then, since morning, it has continued to snow very lightly.

I've been working toward a big deadline that has entailed refining new designs, sewing up samples and taking photographs. A lot of time spent making decisions about my line for spring & summer.

With both kids home full-time, I've only been taking smallish chunks of time to satisfy their requests and intervene in mini-battles. The sweetest play can change in a heartbeat, especially when house-bound kiddos get a little stir crazy. If you asked them though, they would definitely vote for another day at home tomorrow.

One of those breaks from my work to attend to the whims of my girls was devoted to making clothes for dolls. I think Brenda Star & Katie -- Katie is named in honor of my niece because they must be twins. Don't think I've ever met a Barbie before who truly looks like a real human -- are cousins of Barbie but they strike the girls and me as plausible. Their cousin Barbie?, not so much.

This is Brenda Star. My 8-yr-old has never really been into dolls,
but every now and then she'll get into a good play session with her Sis.
She love Brenda Star whom she acquired through a trade.

Made a bell-sleeved jacket for Katie first. Then, Brenda Star wanted
a matching version.

In this household, the females are devoted fans of a good tank top

a hybrid a-line/pencil skirt for Katie

As you can see, Brenda Star prefers a classic a-line.

When we saw her in the store Iris said, "Mom, she looks
just like.." I blurted out, "Katie!" Even though her knees
and arms don't bend, we had to have her.

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