Monday, February 27, 2012

Dropmark: This I like

I was just introduced to Dropmark, by way of Swiss Miss. Thanks for the tip Dan! More than a couple of times I've been on the verge of jumping onboard with Pinterest. The inevitable loss of countless hours devoted to creating pinboards keeps me from it. I don't tweet and am not on Facebook. Although I'm not a compulsive person, I like to dive in in a bigger way than meshes well with managing other life commitments for now. Honestly, Twitter and Facebook continue to hold little appeal for me. We'll see if that status changes.

Back to Dropmark. I like it. It's a cloud-based tool for organizing all types of files into collections. For now, I don't see myself using it as a collaboration tool, although that is what it's for. I think I could get carried away with this one. I've only messed around briefly - and only with pictures, but it appears to be just what I need. What appeals to me most is that, in addition to categorizing images, you can include web links, video, text and more. Check it out.

the beginnings of my first collection (images only).


  1. I get a headache every time I hear about a new social media tool. I can't keep up! But I will admit to LOVING Pinterest. It's been such a great way to keep track of things that catch my eye, and I love seeing what other people are seeing too. I'm afraid to even look too much at Dropmark.

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