Saturday, February 25, 2012

sugar break

My sweet-tooth is severe. In recent weeks I've considered taking a wee break from sugar. I suppose I need some detox. I have made a little agreement with myself to attempt a week without sugary treats. Sharing my little commitment -- yikes, that's a strong term -- here just might help me along. A little accountability can't hurt.

It's nearly 8pm in Seattle, and I've managed the day sans sugar so far. Nights are the most challenging for me. Wish me strength!

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  1. Thanks for asking! I've had to admit to nothing as of yet so 'fessing up is good. No sugar all of days 1 & 2. Six dark chocolate covered pretzel on day 3. A handful of chocolate chips on day 4 and then back to no sugar, I think, days 5 & 6.
    Going forth, I expect to just cut back. There's a new cake shop close to home: I should do my part in support of local merchants.