Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break is over and we've mostly survived

The kids head back to school tomorrow.  Well, one of them does.  I'm thinking it's a good time for that.  Our Spring break has been what many might consider typical.  Mom trying to accomplish work and peacefully coexist with her lovely beasts for 216 consecutive hours.  I've felt cruddy since yesterday, and that compromises my already severely compromised reserve of patience.

Jumbled in among the more stressful elements of the past week, and weekends, were some enjoyable times as well.  It was certainly not a total loss.  Just didn't make it into the Top 10 of Spring Breaks.

Photo highlights of the past 36 hours:
Evidence of homemade 'chalk paint' tableaux.  Made from equal
parts water & corn starch, plus food coloring.  The rich, vivid
colors had already been massively diluted.

Both girls are now great fans of the glove.  Not the game - just the glove.  Iris would
be game for toss all day long.  If only she could get the ball off the ground
I love a great thriller.  This one did not disappoint.  Notice how the  New York
 endorses this film as the best of its kind since Tell No One?
Coincidentally, that is the other thriller I was recently equally impressed by.
Not finished yet, but I love this book.  I thoroughly
appreciate Augusten Burrough's sense of humor.
A cluster of linen rosettes in lemonade and iced tea with wool
leaves.  I managed to accomplish just a little bit that I might consider
work related, today, while outside in the lovely weather.
It's fairy house season again.  Ruby, however, says she no
longer believes in fairies and calls this a spirit house.
The loft features a cozy bed.
The Eagles' Nest
Iris's two-story fairy house awaiting its
new residents and their wares.

"I can hardly wait to move it!"
A new start.  Life slowly unfurling
throughout the fairy forest.

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