Saturday, November 24, 2012

Showtime! Winter Festival & Fatto A Mano (FAM)

Wow but 7 months goes quickly!  It was April when I last posted.  In short, life has been busy.  Lots of change and much remains the same.  And now, the holiday season is upon us.  I have two shows coming up in the next couple of weeks.  If you make it to either, please do come say hello.  

Next weekend, Dec. 1 & 2,  I'll be at the PNA's Winter Festival, again, here in Seattle.  I love this show.  It's intimate, close to home, people are friendly, I have delightful neighbors and my kids can easily visit in search of treasures for themselves and to gift to others.  This year, I'll arrive extra early both days, before doors open to the public, so that I too get to check off my handmade gift list.

The PNA is an organization I am proud to support, and I'm again honored to get to show at Winter Festival.  The Festival supports PNA programs such as the PNA Hot Meal Program (formerly known as the PNA Soup Kitchen), before and after school child care, the Greenwood Senior Center, the tool library and the art gallery as well as community projects for neighbors in need and the Greenwood Food Bank.

More info here:

The following weekend, on Dec. 8, I'll be at the 9th Annual F.A.M. Show, alongside 9 talented artisans.  It would be a joy to simply spend time in the company of these women; to exhibit with them is a massive bonus.   I'll hope to see you there!

Fatto a Mano (FAM) is Italian for handmade.  FAM showcases a boutique collection of dynamic female artisans.  Founded by Roberta Torgerson in 2003, in collaboration with long standing artists Andrea Kohler, Shamila Jiwa and Ja Teuber featuring exclusive and exquisite design, made affordable by the intimate and private setting.

Currently in its 9th year, FAM creates a warm space to establish long-lasting relationships between the talented artisans and the appreciative clientele. Each year the addition of new designers enhances the caliber of FAM, making it a treasured event patronized by Seattle’s most discerning shoppers. It is a much anticipated holiday event to shop for unique gifts year in year out.

FAM 2012 Designers:

Roberta Torgerson
Elegant Hand-Kitted Scarves

Andrea Kohler:
Fine Book-Binding and Paper Works

Meredith MacLeod:
Artful Greetings Branching out

Shamila Jiwa:
Distinctive Gemstones and Precious Metals

Ja Teuber:
Letterpressed Cards and Calendars

Tamila Morgan:
Organic Bath, Body, Face and More!

Jewelry & Metal Design

Trilby Hainstock:
Modern Jewelry, Tea Towels and Prints

Julie Lyderson-Jackson:
Block-Printed & Natural Fiber Textiles

Michele Jaillett Chui:
Heirloom Silk Baby Comforters

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