Monday, November 26, 2012

Pintucks with pink, not putrid

It's an unspoken rule in my life, when it comes to clothing, that I don't do pink.  I'll admit to owning a salmon colored down jacket, as it was the only deep discount color.  After a multi-year love affaire with pink, my youngest daughter, Iris, has wholly rejected it for close to two years now.  So, out of concern that I may have subconsciously withheld pink from my girls (my 9-yr-old has never embraced it) or perhaps spoke ill it in its myriad hues, I embarked on a mini campaign to help pink regain it's stature in Iris's eye.  My goal was to be sure she wasn't condemning it on my account.  Mission accomplished.

This weekend, while finishing up a small batch of my pintuck dresses, I was pleased that Iris suggested pink as a printing color to pair with dark brown linen.  And a pink kitty at that, but of course!  I heeded her recommendation and managed to produce one - one feels like plenty to me - pink kitty cat printed dress.  It's not even a lovely pale shade of pink.  Nope.  It's screaming cotton candy pink.  Let's hope it's just what one special little girl is looking for at next weekend's show.  Maybe it will grow on me.  But as my mother once said, I seem to be drawn to those putrid colors.

within comfort zone vs. outside of comfort zone

dark earth linen with pink on ivory hemp/organic cotton

ginger linen with graphite on ivory hemp/organic cotton

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