Saturday, February 26, 2011

almost forgot...a booth shot

As mentioned, there's not been time to post over the past week+. I will get back to it next week. However, I realized I didn't share any pictures of my booth from the show the other weekend. I had those fabulous oars - shown here - and wanted to incorporate them into booth components, hanging bars in particular. About 48 hours before showtime, my amazingly talented husband began building me a modular style pillow display rack with tilted shelves and garment rack with lower shelf and S+S banner mounted above. There wasn't time to varnish it all and there will be changes to the system, but you'll get the gist. It's beautiful! I decided to hang some obi belts over the blade of the oar as the alternate view was a tall stack of orange boxes from the booth behind me. I did hate to cover of the blade. There was another shelf of my products not included in photos below.

Thank you Dan!


  1. So pretty! And inspiring! When are you going to do a show down here so we can be neighbors?

  2. Oh well done you!! And clever husband :)
    I'll be putting in another order soon.

  3. The prospect of a show down in CA is dangerous talk. I'm chomping at the bit to apply to a couple. My focus is shifting toward more apparel (women & girls, not boys...yet), in small part because I find pillows & pouffes a bigger hassle to transport.

    And Ange... I've missed you. Must catch up on your adventurous life. I expect you're doing inspiration-worthy work!